Project Assessment



To promote your project with PPM Funding, you should first provide content and submit fees to receive PPM Funding's Corporate Assessment for Start-Ups and accompanying report. PPM Funding will use this assessment tool to determine if the business is ready for a Private Placement Memorandum. 

Business owners can prepare for the Assessment by creating a business plan with revenue projections, by building a management team, etc. Once the Assessment is complete and the report has been provided, the business owner has a few options based on its findings. 

One option is to receive capital from a Pre-Formation Agreement. With this money, many times a business can evolve to the point where it is ready for a PPM within a year or so. If the Corporate Assessment Report finds that the business is ready for a PPM, the business owner can order the PPM through PPM Funding or any other qualified entity.

The PPM Package can be purchased through PPM Funding for only $19,900.

To purchase the $2,400
Corporate Assessment & Report
to determine your project's
strengths and weaknesses,
click on the following button:


If the Initial Business Assessment Report finds that the business is not ready for a PPM, the business owner can order a 
Pre-Formation Agreement.

This agreement can be used to solicit initial funds from less than ten close friends and family members.

To learn more about the Pre-Formation Agreement, CLICK HERE