Q:  What does a PPM cost at PPMFunding.com?

A:  $19,900.00 for the PPM Package. You can pay in four easy installments of $4,975 each.

Q:  Is a PPM prepared by PPMFunding.com approved in all 50 states.

A:  Yes.  And if there are any questions by any regulators, if PPMFunding.com prepares the PPM it will assume all legal liabilities as it relates to ensuring all legal procedures were followed in preparation of the PPM.  PPMFunding.com will not be responsible to investors for conflicts of interest or risk factors not provided to PPMFunding.com by the posting company.

Q:  Does PPMFunding.com have an SEC attorney file all of the 50 SEC blue sky requirements related to receiving funds through a PPM if PPMFunding.com prepares the PPM?

A:  Yes.  PPMFunding.com assumes all legal liabilities relating to the blue sky filing in each state funds are received if PPMFunding.com prepares the PPM.

Q:  Can you help us raise capital after you prepare the PPM?

A:  That has always been the problem with PPM's, once you pay to get the SEC required disclosure documents, you still need to find people to provide you with the investment capital.  Some business owners expect that "if you build it" investors will just come.  That is certainly not the case. Accredited investors need to be shown the PPM and should be given a simplified way to invest. Investors associated with PPM Funding can  utilize our electronic documents to sign the Subscription Agreement. 

PPM regulations that require accredited investors to participate now make qualifying for accreditation more difficult.  No longer can an investor count their personal residence asset as part of their net worth when determining eligibility as an accredited investor.  This means because three out of four accredited investors now do not qualify it is even harder to find capital, and the fourth person doesn't have as much money as before. 

With http://www.PPMFunding.com, accredited investors are searching for a unique new business idea with which to invest.  These participating investor's utilize the diversification strategy by investing smaller amounts of capital in a variety of businesses, recognizing that one or two will be break-out successes.

Q:  How do we qualify for posting a business on the PPM Funding website?

A:  To apply go to http://www.PPMFunding.com. Be prepared to provide the following information:

1.      Business Plan that includes:

          a.      Management Team

          b.      Competition

          c.      Unique value proposition of your service or product

          d.      Your team's experience in the industry

          e.      Capital needs and an outline of how you will use the funds

          f.       Articles of Organization/Incorporation

          g.      Bylaws      

2.      Patents, copyrights, and other intellectual properties

3.      Financial Pro forma (estimates of potential income and expenses)

4.      The story of how the idea began and why you are passionate about this project

5.      Photo's and a video of your project and your team

Q:  Why do companies have better success raising funds with PPMFunding.com than raising their funds on their own?

A:  For Several reasons: 

1.      The potential for an exit strategy.  PPMFunding.com has an exclusive arrangement with Independent Stock Market Corporation (ISM) that has approved PPMFunding.com's assessment process. When a PPMFunding.com posting company eventually reaches ISM's requirements for posting on ISM's trading platform, the business can contract to Post.  This means investors in your project that is posted on PPMFunding.com can have confidence that as the business grows they have the potential exit opportunity through selling their stock through ISM.  This is a big deal since having an exit strategy (a plan to get their money back) is a key concern for investors.

2.      Investors don't like to see deal after deal.  They are willing to pay PPMFunding.com to analyze and assess each company and provide just the approved companies.

3.      Investors are tired of businesses pulling a valuation out of thin air when determining what to sell ownership in their company.  With PPMFunding.com a third-party provides a fair market valuation so that both the business owner and the investor can understand the price per share.

4.      Business owners only know a handful of accredited investors and according to SEC guidelines they cannot advertise their investment to the public.  PPMFunding.com can advertise their qualification and assessment process. 

Q:  What does it cost to have a business assessed and posted on the PPMFunding.com website?

A:  The assessment fee is $1,900.  This is a non-refundable fee.  If you do not qualify we will provide what is necessary to pass our assessment.  If you complete the requirements within 60 days there is no additional assessment fee.  However, if you delay beyond the 60 days you may reapply for the reduced price of $900.

Once you are approved, the cash portion of the posting fee is $8,000.00.  This fee covers the following:

1.      A full 40+ page third-party valuation with price per share determination.

2.      Integration from your website to ours with banners and links and Trust Guard verification.

3.      Press releases and articles to all the major news sources to announce your project.

4.      SEC approved stock transfer agent services to manage all stock purchases.

5.      Exclusive Partnership with ISM that will allow PPM Funding qualified companies to post with ISM when they meet ISM's requirements.

6.      Access to our pool of Accredited Investors for funding up to $500,000.

7.      $5,000 discount on ISM posting fees when you qualify.

8.      Hands-on assistance in presentations to investors.

9.      Recommendations for improvement of your power-point online presentation.

10.  Review and recommendations of all corporate documentation.

As part of its service fee for providing all the services outlined above, PPMFunding.com also charges 4% of the company ownership based on the third-party valuation.

Q:  Am I required to have PPMFunding.com's legal team prepare my PPM?

A:  No.  Any licensed law firm may prepare the legal documents.  However, we may require additional information and disclosures and would request such if not provided.  PPMFunding.com provides PPM's for the low price of $9,000, and a major law firm backs up each and every PPM it provides.  Also, PPMFunding.com is only responsible for filing with the state SEC blue sky law requirements if we provide the PPM.  The company that hires another firm to provide the PPM takes full responsibility to see that the appropriate documents are filed in a timely manner and responsible for any penalties and legal services.

Q:  What services do you provide relating to the PPM?

A:  PPMFunding.com specializes in the preparation of Regulation D Private Placement Offerings. We provide services for the preparation of Private Placement Memorandum documentation, Subscription documents, SEC Form D filing preparation, and consulting related to the structuring and execution of private placement and secondary trading disclosure documents in behalf of the Independent Stock Market Corporation.

We also provide our clients' access to qualified private investment firms, accredited investor resources, and FINRA broker-dealers for placement of private equity and debt securities. These resources ensure investors are exposed to the PPM projects approved and qualified for introduction on our website.

PPMFunding.com structures your Regulation D Offering ensuring your company is raising capital properly, effectively and in compliance with State and Federal rules.

Our legal staff is nationally recognized as leaders in SEC and private placement offering preparation. We have successfully executed many Regulation D private placement offering transactions. Ready to start raising capital effectively? Call us today: (801) 951-0420.

Q:  What is a PPM?

A:   Regulation D exemption was created under the Securities Act of 1933, by the federal government.  The disclosure document that complies with that exemption is called a Private Placement Memorandum or PPM.  Some refer to it as an Offering Document, some an Offering Memorandum, but the disclosures within the document /memorandum is what the regulators are most critical.  You must include:

1.    Management

2.    Ownership

3.    Competition

4.    Experience

5.    Investor Risks

6.    Conflicts of Interest

7.    Capital needs and Use of Funds

8.    Price per share / number of shares to be sold

9.    Commissions to be paid

10. Trustee of the funds

11. Minimum investment

A PPM allows companies the ability to raise capital though the sale of equity (ownership in the company) or debt (loans that the company has to pay back). The Regulation D program provides an exemption to sell securities in a private transaction without registering the securities with the Securities Exchange Commission or FINRA. 

There are several rules that apply: 

1.    The above disclosures must be made

2.    Although the federal law allows up to 35 non-accredited investors per project many blue sky laws (State regulations or their regulators) disapprove of any offering that allows non-accredited investors.  With the new crowdfunding law (The J.O.B.S. Act) and with the Independent Stock Market there will be several ways non-accredited investors can participate on a limited basis.

3.    Accredited investors cannot include their personal residence as part of their balance sheet.

4.    You cannot advertise your investment.  No mass emails.  No snail mail.  No online banners.  Not even to customers.

Q:  Who should use a Regulation D Offering?

A:  If you have already raised capital from up to ten members of your family and friends, a PPM is the next step for any company or entrepreneur that is seeking to raise additional equity or debt capital from investors.


Q:  What is the average amount of capital raised for a Regulation D PPM Offering?

A:  The amounts companies raise averages $1 million with the low side being $100,000 and the high side as much as $25 million. Of course, there have been thousands of entities who have not used funding portals such as PPM Funding that have not received any funding at all.

We provide detailed information on both types of offerings in the Offering Programs section of our website.

A Regulation D Offering will solve all of the technical issues you will face when dealing with investors (investment structure, investment documentation, etc.) - these are issues that should be addressed before you interact with investors. Not addressing them ahead of time presents a very unprofessional image of you to the investor.

Q:  What type of company structures qualify for a PPM?

A:  The Regulation D Programs can be used by domestic and foreign corporations. While the programs can be used by any corporation type - the preferred structure is a stock "C" Corporation or Limited Liability Corporation "LLC" because of the potential to post with the Independent Stock Market Corporation's trading platform.  However, investors must have a U. S. Bank account to as part of the Homeland Security regulations.