Third-Party Certified Valuation



   Because of our relationship with NACVA, our valuators are certified by the most
   prestigious valuation analysts in the country. 

   Venture Capital (VC) Valuation
   For only $4,900, less than half price of what you will find elsewhere, you will receive a detailed report (30-40 pages) of the estimated value of your privately-held company. This valuation works for organizations that are just getting started and might use venture capitalists or angel investors to help them get their business idea off the ground. This valuation and is a valid and legitimate source for pronouncing the worth of the business for funding purposes.

Full Income, Asset & Market Valuation
For only $9,900, business owners who have been earning revenue for at least two years will receive a 70-80 page full valuation from a NACVA Certified Valuator. This valuation is the recognized manner of reaching a conclusive estimate as to the value of a business entity to acquire additional funding for expansion, to sell the entity, or when taking the company public.

Valuations assist accredited investors in understanding the basis for the price asked by the business owners on their subscription agreements. Without a valuation from a certified valuator, investors may have a difficult time estimating the value fo the business.

PPM Funding allows companies to post their PPM documents and subscription agreeements on its website to the full view and access of its accredited investors. When accredited investors log on to PPM Funding and can also review a business' valuation, they are much more likely to invest in that project than in one that only has the business plan, PPM and subscription agreement. 


This $4,900 Venture Capital Valuation includes
a 30-40 page report
and is performed by a NACVA Certified Valuator.


This $9,900 Full Valuation includes
a 70-80 page report
and is performed by a NACVA Certified Valuator.
It reviews the company's income,
assets and market value.