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After a company has either created their own PPM or purchased PPM Funding's PPM Package, PPM Funding can provide additional services to assist in the capitalization and then service the needs of the investors of each PPM. Companies that promote their PPM through our Investor Relations Agreement are more likely to receive funding because we communicate directly with the investors all the way through the process and even after.

Our Investor Relations (IR) department was created to market PPMs to friends, family and social contacts of the business owners, as well as to accredited investors already associated with the PPM Funding portal and to the general public. Our IR department will handle all the day-to-day customer service issues of investors as well as provide assistance with annual Shareholder Meetings.

The cost for the Investor Relations Agreement is 3% equity in business owner's company and $1,000 a month every month for as long as the company would like us to handle all of their IR needs. Should the number of investors increase (especially with the passing of Title III, the monthly fee will also increase ($1,000/monthly for 1-50 investors, $2,000/monthly for 51-100 investors, $3,000/monthly for 101-150 investors etc.)

There is an additional Filing Fee of $500 for each Form D filed by PPM Funding.
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Here are the services included in PPM Funding's Investor Relations Agreement:
1. Create a Due Diligence Packet from information acquired from the PPM.
2. Create a powerpoint to use for webinars from information found in the Due Diligence Packet.
3. Add Due Diligence Packet to the company's specific online investment portal page.
4. Meet with Company's contacts and other investors through webinars or face-to-face.
5. Follow-up with investors by email, webinars, phone or face-to-face.
6. Provide over $2,000 worth of online social media and search engine optimization.
7. Coordinate the distribution of investment documents with the PPM Package Team.
8. Record investments and answer questions from investors pertinent to the investments made.
9. Organize Shareholder or Unit Holder meetings on a quarterly or annual basis as required by law.
10. Act as a mediator between the company and its investors for general needs and concerns. 

Cost for PPM Funding's Investor Relations Agreement:

3% Equity & $1,000/Month 

Plus Filing Fee of $500 for each Form D filed by PPM Funding.  

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