Successful Crowdfunding Projects:


Congratulations on your successful crowdfunding campaign.

If you have been directed to this page from an email, according to our records
you were able to raise a significant amount of money with an impressive
number of loyal followers showing their financial support of your project.

You have a lot of people who trust you to make wise business decisions.
We have two options to provide your company with additional business capital. 

Private Offering Public Offering
 This capital-raising platform gives business owners
the ability to post their business plan and PPM
documents. Your accredited investors can then
view the offering and make an educated decision
to provide capital in exchange for ownership. 
This unique stock marketplace provides business
owners and their investors with the ability to sell
their stock for cash. Because ISM's platform is
separated from the public stock market, its investors
can participate without options or short sales. 
$100K + Equity 

There are several benefits to using our services including cost,
convenience, quality and our unique carry-over relationship to
seamlessly move your capital raising efforts from private to public offerings.

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