How to Find Investors and Set Appointments

When looking for investors, start with friends or employees. Promoting your business is important and can make all the difference in the world yet is sometimes forgotten. Friends are great for promoting businesses and employees are generally receptive to the idea of equity. Some will want to invest for a portion of the business’s equity.

Angel investors will be very beneficial for start-up businesses: they have a high net-worth and are eager to support businesses for equity. These investors are looking for companies being run by management that is effective and trustworthy, as well as property of an idea or thought.

To gain the monetary support of a venture capitalist you will need an incredibly thorough business plan. Venture Capitalists will not want merely the positives; part of their job is to evaluate the worst case scenarios. Your business plan will need to be inclusive to competitor information, reasons why your business will be successful, projections of profit considering ideal situations, and less optimistic projections.
Remember that there are many different specialties venture capitalist can have. Look for the capitalists that work with content similar to your business. If you have a business proposition for a new type of Frisbee, you will not want to go to a venture capitalist that works with computer technology.             

Finding the right venture capitalist will not be easy. Most likely your business ideas will be rejected many times, do not get discouraged. Your capitalist will need to have the same goals for your business that you have and that can take time.

Accredited investors have high net-worth, and will be sponsor savvy. Some accredited investors will be registered with the SEC brokers/ dealers. Contacting angel investors will help you find accredited investors and give you practice presenting your business ideas.


To set appointments with investors find blocks of time within your own schedule that will work. Be sure to evaluate how long the investor will be there so you won’t overlap times with another appointment. Offer multiply dates and times that are available to the investor so as to use the best one.

If you have an abundance of spare time, it will be appreciated by the investor if you inquire as to their preferences concerning dates or times.

The day before the scheduled appointment make a reminder/ confirmation call to the investor.

If you have trouble contacting or finding investors, has a great deal of available resources and can be used as an assistance to help your business.

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