PPM Funding Helps Businesses Raise Capital


The letters 'PPM' stand for private placement memorandum. Business owners who are looking for capital can use a PPM to raise money for their company.

The document contains company disclosures so that investors can adequately weigh the risks and potential gains involved with investing in a private entity and are authorized by the SEC.

PPM Funding.com writes PPMs then displays them on their website where accredited investors can review them. This streamlined process is much simpler than trying to raise the money without a website and spending time mailing the PPMs to each qualified investor.

Many entities offer PPM-writing services like those offered at PPMFunding.com. Most of them charge at least twice as much without providing a one-stop portal for all accredited investors to use to view the PPM; a service which PPM Funding does provide.

On average, a regional law firm will charge business owners $30,000 - $80,000 + Form D filings that may take up to 120 days to deliver. The professionals at PPMfunding.com guarantee a completed, legally binding PPM within ten days for only $14,900!


Business owners not using PPM Funding.com often do not get funded because of a lack of marketing to their accredited investors. PPM Funding can help.

 PPMFunding.com uses a digital program that allows investors to sign PPM documents without the hassles of printing, scanning and emailing them. With PPM Funding, investors simply open the document from their email and sign it digitally.

Benefits of PPM Funding:

·         PPMs fulfill Rule 502(b)(2) of Reg. D of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

·         Digital document signing.

·         PPMs provided for less than half the cost of other providers.

·         Consulting services to determine which capital raising option is best for each business owner.

·         Secure online platform to send accredited investors to review each Business Plan, Executive Summary, PPM and Subscription Agreement.

·         Our team hires professionals to assist in assembling the information. This reduces costs.

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