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Submit the $600 Fee to promote your project on the front page of PPM Funding's website.


PPM Funding will post and promote already-created PDF copies of Business Plans, PPMs and Subscription Agreements for business owners for $12,900. Promotion will stay live for the term of the agreement or until all necessary funds have been collected.

It takes 3-5 business days for PPM Funding to post a company's disclosure documents because our legal team must have time to review them. Also during this time we will send out an onlilne press release to document our relationship with you to the investment community. We recommend that business owners utilize this time to organize their personal database of accredited investors and prepare them to participate in the investment opportunity.

Owners can send investors to our website to review the legal documents. When investors are ready to participate, they can contact PPM Funding through a form located on the page.  An email with wiring information to make the investment and copies of the PPM & Subscription Agreement will be sent to the investor for them to sign digitally. Once the agreements and investments have been signed and received, the business owner will complete and file Form D ($500 fee for PPMF to file) and provide the stock certificate to the owner. 

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