Are You Having Trouble Funding Your PPM?

·         A common problem after obtaining a PPM comes with knowing enough investors.

The majority of business owners only know a handful of accredited investors and according to SEC guidelines they cannot advertise their investment to the public.

You may not be having success with funding your PPM because there is little to no advertising going on.

·         Advertizing can advertise your qualification and assessment process to many investors while maintaining the standard of the SEC. is very adept at creating eye-catching advertising for businesses like yours that will hold the attention of investors and gain their monetary support.

·         Investors want an exit strategy.

Investors want to know that they can invest in your project and leave with a profit. When a posting company eventually reaches ISM's requirements for posting on ISM's trading platform, the business can contract to Post providing a way for investors to get their money back by selling their stock through ISM (Independent Stock Market).

·         Investors want to see only the best

Accredited investors are tired of seeing deal after deal. They don’t want to take the time  vetting and analyzing companies. Fortunately, is a site where we are willing to analyze and assess each company for such investors and provide them with the approved companies. Your company will no longer be forced to the bottom of an endless pile of investment opportunities. provides a fair market valuation for the business owner and investor in a way that both can understand the price per share.

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